• All monthly rental transactions are final. If you rent a storage unit/space on a monthly basis, you are not entitled to a refund for any unused portion of the rental period you paid, including prepaid rent.
  • All quarterly, semi-annual, or annual lease transactions, customer can request to cancel the service by sending a written letter or by e-mail, no less than five days from the date of the monthly renewal. In this case, the elapsed period is calculated based on the original price of the service and without discounts.
  • For merchandise, the customer has the right to return the product in its original condition within five days from the date of purchase.
  • Amounts are returned in the same payment method in which the storage unit rental fee was paid or reserved within 14 working days.
ساعات العمل

ساعات العميل اليومية من السبت الى الخميس من الساعة 8 صباحا إلى الساعة 8 مساءا